Red Guardian Is Ready To Throw Down In New 'Black Widow' Image

Red Guardian Is Ready To Throw Down In New ‘Black Widow’ Image

Red Guardian Is Ready To Throw Down In New 'Black Widow' Image

Red Guardian Is Ready To Throw Down In New ‘Black Widow’ Image

Dark Widow was likely to be the first movie to kick off Stage 4 of those Marvel Cinematic Universe, but due to this Coronavirus pandemic, it’s been pushed back all of the ways to May 7th of this year. This meant that Disney Plus’ WandaVision needed to take the flashlight of getting individuals hyped for longer Marvel content, and it has done a pretty swell job of it, everything considered.

Nevertheless, hundreds and hundreds of people are eager and hungry for the first large Marvel movie to hit theaters because everybody needed to lock themselves into their homes, along the hype machine is beginning to creep up again. Black Widow can also be in an odd position of being a prequel, showcasing Natasha Romanoff until she expired in Avengers: Endgame. It includes a couple of new faces who might be primed for prospective MCU looks too.

When the first Black Widow trailer dropped, among those second fan-favorites was David Harbour as Red Guardian: a soviet Captain America knock-off with everything that implies. While the very first trailer played off him as more of a comedic personality, a washed-up super-soldier using a large personality, a current behind-the-scenes picture indicates that Red Guardian still is not a person to mess with.

Harbour posted a picture of himself at the Red Guardian lawsuit appearing powerful intimidating. It appears like he is in the midst of throwing a heavy punch in the camera. The picture was posted to Instagram together with the caption: “This rhinoceros is led to a theatre near you May 7th.” It certainly seems like the advertisements drive for Black Widow is ramping up, and while Red Guardian might not be the celebrity, it certainly seems like he can steal the spotlight.

Not much is known about the movie’s general storyline and how it will play to the near future of this MCU. However, the rumor is that the movie will have Black Widow pass on the flashlight on a younger protégé who will continue the Dark Widow name today that Natasha Romanoff herself is dead. Still, the movie has not appeared to have any broad strokes narrative or multiverse teases from jobs, including WandaVision.

It appears that Black Widow might be a simpler, included story within the MCU, which might actually create a wonderful break from all of the construction of fantasy arcs in additional MCU projects. Happily, fans will not need to wait much longer to see it in theatres.

Red Guardian Is Ready To Throw Down In New ‘Black Widow’ Image
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