Terraria: How To Find (& Defeat) The Lunatic Cultist

Terraria: How To Find (& Defeat) The Lunatic Cultist

Terraria: How To Find (& Defeat) The Lunatic Cultist

Terraria: How To Find (& Defeat) The Lunatic Cultist

The Lunatic Cultist is among the last gatekeepers before facing the last boss of Terraria. Players will want to conquer the Lunatic Cultist to commence the Lunar Occasions and move the narrative. Assessing a Lunatic Cultist will also give the participant with the Historical Manipulator, a strong crafting channel for Lunar and Luminite-based equipment.

For most players, the Lunatic Cultist is an evaluation of DPS and the player’s ability to stop or mitigate harm. If the participant is trying hard to conquer this false prophet, they will have a tough time with the last foe. A few general and special hints players may use to prepare themselves to bring the supreme Cultist. There is simply 1 approach to summon the Lunatic Cultist. The participant must find and conquer:

2 Lunatic Devotees
2 Cultist Archers
Each of the four enemies is at the entry of the Dungeon following the Golem was murdered. When the fourth Cultist drops, the Lunatic Cultist will look, and the conflict begins immediately.

The Lunatic Cultist could be resummoned by finishing the Celestial Event. After doing this and after which one-day moves, the four Cultists will respawn and may be defeated to resummon the Lunatic Cultist. This is sometimes done to farm the specific Lunar Event spawns on multiple occasions.

Struggling Techniques
The Lunatic Cultist is about distraction and insanity. Upon spawning, he will be invulnerable to attack, and the participant should wait for him to maneuver away from the spawn point to have the ability to strike him.

Stage 1
Originally the Lunatic Cultist contains three strikes:

A chunk of rotating ice can fling six ice shards.
Three exploding fireballs will home in on the player.
A Magnet Sphere-like orb that casts lightning.

Phase 2

After dropping to half health, the Lunatic Cultists adopt the fourth maneuver. He can summon five Ancient Light projectiles. It’s recommended to destroy these as dodging them can be difficult with everything else going on.

If the player is on Expert Mode, the Lunatic Cultist can also bring in Ancient Dooms that fire purple projectile in all four directions. The player should avoid getting struck by these at all costs as they deal some of the greatest damage the Lunatic Cultist is capable of.

In both phases, the Lunatic Cultist will begin to use duplicates after attacking four to five times. If these duplicates are destroyed or survive for a period of time, a Phantasm Dragon will be summoned forth. If a Phantasm Dragon is already present, then an Ancient Vision will appear.

When a Phantasm Dragon appears, two of the duplicates the Lunatic Cultist has summoned will start attacking the player. They aren’t nearly as strong as the Lunatic Cultist or as aggressive. But they will make dodging more complicated, and every bit of damage adds up.

General Strategies

It’s strongly recommended the player fights the Lunatic Cultist at night. This is because the duplicates will be easier to identify as they put off a strong glow at night while the real Lunatic does not.

Terraria: How To Find (& Defeat) The Lunatic Cultist
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