Call Of Duty 2020 Rumor Say Reveal Is Still A Long Way Off

By Rachel Hanchera | GAME UPDATES

Jul 02

For over a decade, Activision has Always revealed the Following Call of Duty Match by the end of May.

Tom Henderson, who’s made quite a few precise Call of Duty escapes previously, has implied that the Call of Duty 2020 show may not occur until August.

Initially, many fans anticipated the Call of Duty 2020 Show to take place for all those rumours, just at the match occasion to prove to be wrong.

Since that time, fans have had no idea of when to expect the show, but many presumed this month, it would come at a particular stage.

There might be a few reasons as to why Activision has hauled off revealing Call of Duty 2020 only yet.

Another reason might be that Activision simply does not wish to remove from your momentum of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare along with the most famous Warzone battle royale.

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