GTA 6 May Have Already Been In Development For A Little While Now

By Rachel Hanchera | ACTION

Jun 23

A job description for a Worker at Rockstar Games Indicates that the studio was operating on an unannounced title since 2018, with some asserting that this might be Grand Theft Auto 6.

It is certain that a sequel is under development, Though Rockstar has yet to confirm it’s working on a first installment in the show.

The double prevalence of the main match and GTA Online Has meant that there’s been no hurry.

However, with the next-generation consoles because of discharge in the year’s end, it feels to start a sequel.

If I was working on the name for more than many people may have thought.

Some industry insiders and media have speculated that Rockstar was operating on Grand Theft Auto 6 for a little while.

It Wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Rockstar began developing Grand Theft Auto 6 A while ago.

Rockstar launch info and will announce that the game in the coming months.

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