Hitman 3 Will Feature All Missions From All Three Games

By Ariana Noshari | GAME UPDATES

Jul 01

Throughout PlayStation 5 gameplay Show event Earlier in the month, the developer IO Interactive has allowed showcasing another entry in its long-running assassination collection, Hitman 3.

IO Interactive initially imagined the trilogy as a game as an agency like the stage that could grow and evolve. For owners of three matches, this implies Hitman 3 will likely be home to over 20 specific places.

As a stage, Hitman 3 will Feature across a development system that is universal every place, regardless, of that match they originated from. Players will have the ability to unlock an outfit at the brand new Hitman 3 Dubai assignment and utilise the same firm at the imported Paris assignment from Hitman (2016).

Back in 2017, IO Interactive split from Square Enix following the launch of Hitman (2016), gaining complete control of this IP.

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